Thursday, February 20, 2014


the 3 articles in german... enough to ruin my next 3 weeks as i will be writing a full report for the lab test i have been conducting for the past 6 weeks... thank God everything went smoothly, thanks to the modern technology, i can do things and make improvement to a test machine... n i m really glad tat it works! can't believe i can actually make sth work!!! okok, in times like this, always remember the Lord...

*rolls eye
ok enough of the spiritual me, it's time to talk about some worldly stuffs... i am still in the world wat?

*clears throat
i am confuse
VERY confuse
wat do guys see in a girl?
and do girls need to take the blame of 'sending wrong signals'?
whereas a guy cannot be too 'perasan' meh?

i will prefer to be an 'alien' in this issue, i have my own stands and convictions, and i will try my best to defend them so please give me a knock in my head if u ever see me giving in to the currents of the world. 

it's never too old at this age for boys problem right?
after nearly 3 years, it's still never too late for culture shocks right?

still confuse and having culture shocks,

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