Sunday, March 30, 2014


here am i again, blogging from sax... i noe it is not a good example but i deserve a reward - blogging in a language that i can actually understand what i wrote myself right?  yeah, u half guess it right, i m still in the middle of my report-writing-process, literally middle because!!! i dunno how or where can i write more, n how do i produce a 40 page report when all i can manage is a mere 10-pages-of-lousy-german report... oh ya, the miracles-creating-photos... the only smart thing i did during my project is taking loads of photos...

ok updates!
i dunno if i will one day juz stop planning for things coz they never will work out?  i guess The-Big-Guy up there knows better...  i told him, i don wan to go back home during summer, and it is impossible for me to go back because i have already sign a cheap-labour contract until end of september and the flight tickets are simply too expensive... to cut the story short, i manage to shorten the contract and manage to find a relatively cheap ticket despite having to stop 7 hours in a god-knows-where country... but all is well and well is all (wow i juz made tat up)

signing off

sigh... i really need to post some photos up...

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