Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Free PDF Eight Million Gods and Demons

A haunting portrait of a fascinating age-Japan between the Meiji Era and the end of World War II
In Meiji-era Japan, where the standard of beauty is the graceful geisha and the greatest joy a woman can hope for is to produce healthy heirs for her husband, an idealistic Japanese politician named Taku takes Emi as his child bride. Emi, a gifted koto player, cherishes Taku's doting love. But the couple can't conceive, and Taku's work takes him away more and more often.
When she...

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“Like Judaism and Christianity, Mohammed proclaimed the God of Abraham the true God and opposed sins such as murder and adultery. Like Christianity, Mohammed ...
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Ghosts, Demons and Spirits in Japanese Lore. by Norman A. Rubin. June 26, 2000 (click on the small image for full screen image with caption) Belief in ghosts, demons ...

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