Thursday, January 16, 2014

How to live?

have been asking myself this question lately, how to live ur or my life?

some may say live ur life everyday like it is the last day - ok then i don't need to go to work on my stressful thesis anymore, start travel the world, call my parents back home and tell them i love them or tell the world that Jesus live. i mean if i wanna live like the world might gonna end soon then i might as well stop my thesis now coz wat's the use of it right when everyday is like the last day.

some will say, i don't really care whether the world will end. so right here right now what i can do is to continue what i am doing, go to class, go to work, do my everyday stuff, go to bed, wake up, brush my teeth and the day starts and the day ends.

I have come to the conclusion, why not do both? live everyday like tomorrow's gonna end and i don't really care when the world will end coz i noe where i will be going and have been storing treasures there already (i really hope i will be rich enough when the day came)

2 cents worth of self-motivating post.

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