Tuesday, January 21, 2014


i started my internship in Sax (not real name of coz...) on Monday n hav been eating lunch alone for 2 days already... is there anyone out there who wud like to eat wif me???

some of the funny scenes during my 3 days of internship :

Scene 1 :
Due to the big area of the manufacturing plant , i practically jog to my department, which is situtated at the other end of the proximity... this morning, a worker who was having his morning puff saw me n say to me  :

'Du bist ja auf dem Weg zur Arbeit, nicht zum Flug.' 
-You are on your way to work, not to catch a flight.

me : laughs n walk 5 big steps and continue jogging to my building...

Scene 2
for the 200th time someone came to me wif a sad smile on their face...

'so is it really bad back home?'

stun for 3 seconds, i think to myself 'WHAT? price hike on kampua again???!! NOOOO!!!!'

10 seconds later...

'oh, they are asking about Japan'
'i am from Malaysia actually but i heard it's really bad in Japan...
(trying to explain without letting them down)

haih... shall read up more about the nuclear reactor breakdown so as to have conversation starters wif ppl around me...

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