Friday, May 2, 2014

Coward vs Noble

2 hours to Germany beating the Italians in the semi final of Euro Cup 2012, ran-dom i noe. Ze Germans must win this year!!! roar!

anyway, what's with the sudden enthusiasm over football? Ever heard of distractions? Yup, i m trying to distract myself from my oh-i-m-so-stress-i-m-gonna-die and oh-i-must-make-the-right-decisions-if-not-i-m-gonna-die mood.

Allow me to explain more.

So there's this situation that awaits a decision. For example (just an example, not a real life problem) - where to do my masters for next semester. So after some brain wrecking sessions trying to figure out the right place to go, the cycle starts. My brain will start having some counter attack thoughts - Yeah but... what about...? and all this thoughts starts to brew sth inside me. They sounds like the best intentions when i am just too scared to do what i should. It allows me to be a coward, while sounding noble.

What is the life that i've always wanted? I m not too sure anymore. Is it about being in the student body, to travel the world, to dye my hair red, to date a hot blond guy wif blue eyes, to be able to score less than 2,5 in my bachelor degree, to get into a master programme in a big city, to get a good job after i graduate, to go on a mission trip etc etc?

I don have the answers to all the questions above, but one thing i do know is i know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Signing off
Courage the cowardly Pat

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