Saturday, May 17, 2014

The identity project - Being student

So it has been a month and a half since i started my masters at uni Stuttgart. Looking back at what i've 'achieved', i realise that it was nearly impossible - to be able to pass 6 subjects and finish writing a bachelor thesis - but whatever is impossible, is possible with God. I realised how i have been dragged along because i was so reluctant to believe that sth great is going to happen. I am reluctant to take risk, but somehow what i've experienced in the past 6 months is challenging my faith all over again. After all, faith is spellt R-I-S-K.

This time, i have the chance to experience student life all over again. The way I intended it to be without me realising it. I was reluctant to come to uni Stuttgart at first because i wanted to go to a better place(at least i was the only one who think so), a new place where i can start all over again with new people. But of course life will be less fun if we keep getting the things we wanted. How boring will it be?

Have a glimpse of my new uni!
so here i am feeling my life is as challenging as ever, thanks to my new identity as a university student!

Signing off,
The importance of being Pat

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