Tuesday, August 12, 2014

10 things I haven't done yet since coming to Europe

1. Gotten drunk
You might ask, what's the definition of drunk? Is it waking up at the very next morning and totally forgot what happened the night before. Then no. The last attempt was chinese new year 3 years ago when i ended up losing half of my 'friends' and one week of red patches all over the body. Will definitely not give up anything for that experience again.
2. Gone to disneyland
I know, it's every child's dream to go there. I really wanted to go, but during the 2 times I was in Paris, i just feel like window shopping is the only thing i wanted to do. Don't mind going there in the future, but with someone who's very persistent to go. 
3. Gotten a piercing
To tell the truth, I've really considered it. There's even a funny story behind it and the topic was about a friend's baptism and somehow the topic of getting a piercing appear out of nowhere and we had a good laugh. And somehow the thought of having a piercing juz pass by like a wind.
4. Tried smoking weed
They say when in Amsterdam, do what's already legal there. But somehow i prefer the windmills and the flowers, van gogh, red light district, anne frank and last but not least the driving in the city centre(duh). Nearly all of my friends people that i've known who have been there (and i heard) they tried marijuana or space cakes (whatever u wan to replace the word drugs with) but I'm still too skeptical of smoking weed as a mean of showing off.
5. Gone camping
Don't get me wrong, i am a proud brownie and girl guide. I've learn them all - the signs, the flags, the knots etc etc. It's all in the head and let the scouts do them. However, i've heard that camping here in Europe is not like back in Malaysia where muddy floor and team building activities come to mind. So we will see.
6. Taken a bubble bath
Whenever i go to the Drogerie markt (literally translated to a drug store, not related to point 4 at all) where they have the whole section of bath salts and bath oils for all sorts of purpose, whether u are sick, stressed out or u juz wanna take bath etc. People here actually believe that soaking themselves in a bathtub helps. To me, that's a lot of wrinkled skin. 
7. Gone swimming in a swimming pool in summer
It's a trend to go to the swimming pool during summer. I've heard of stories of family outing, people going there to check out hot bikini babes/dudes but non to go swimming coz it will be so packed with people that all u do is juz soaking urself in the pool (see point 6) and the only time i've been to a swimming pool is when a fren was baptised during a church camp during winter (see point 3) and the biggest joke here is i don't even know how to swim.
8. Eat bread or potatoes as the main source of carborhydrate
Back in my hometown, i always think that i have this hippie trait in me that i am more western than the rest of the population. *smirk I think i have no idea that one day i will be in a country so west away and realise that deep inside me, i am juz as cina, if not more than all of the population. So the longest i can live is one week without rice, which was sort of being forced since it usually happen during a one-week church camp.
9. Donate my blood
I believe that none of us will say that we like needles. It is like a horror film to me. But i would like to overcome this fear because donating blood is for a good cause. But it will always remain a good cause only if I don't actually go do it!!!
10. I have to admit when it comes to point number 10, i am out of idea and instead of desperately come out with something just to fill up the list, i will be honest and tell u that there's only 9 things on my list. The things mentioned here, some i am proud of and some i am quite ashamed of. This post serves to be a pure entertainment post so if u find it funny, thank you for appreciating my humour! It's sth that i wanna learn, is to take an inspiring message and modify it to be funny, these are the things that i have in mind to tell people and also my big God and let Him be entertained!

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